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hp/hg/ss harry impotent [Saturday
August 2nd 3:40pm]

looking for a story with harry hermione and severus in a relationship and have children but harry isn't the father cause he is impotent or something like it...curse maybe?
it doesn't seem to matter to anyone who the father is, they are all parents to the children.
severus and harry eventually get into a fight and severus "claims" HIS children...somehow...i think he calls harry a nanny...

hope this helps to find it is all i can remember.


Ron time travel fics [Saturday
August 31st 1:49pm]

Please rec me some ron time-travel fics either with Harry and Hermione or alone (any Pairings )

Ron-centric slash stories [Monday
August 26th 11:56pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi, I'm looking for Ron-centric slash stories .any pairing preferably(but not necessary ) with bamf!Ron or Powerful!Ron   .
Also I wonder if there are any Ron/Voldemort fics an if there please rec them to me
#2 Any Snarry ,Dray ,Harry/Voldemort pairing that has Ron as a good and supportive friend .No Ron bashing please

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Harry/Ron/Hermione [Thursday
July 25th 5:55pm]

[ mood | drained ]

 I'm new to the community and I wonder if anyone an rec me Harry/Ron/Hermione fics ,the longer the better and the higher rating the better .Any theme ,any universe
NB :It can be Harry/Ron/Hermione(/Draco) if it's a good story

[ 1 ] REC ME.

Dudley and/or Luna-centric fics [Thursday
May 23rd 8:50pm]

Most of the really good fic I've found thus far has been about Harry, Draco, Snape, or Ron and Hermione, with Luna only featuring as a strong bit character. Does anyone have any good stories about Luna, or in which Luna is one of the main characters? Femslash would be especially appreciated, but I'll take anything well-written and properly punctuated and grammatically correct.

Also, I've been toying with the idea of Dudley as a closeted (or maybe not-so-closeted) queer person, and I'm wondering if there's any good fic out there with that? Or stories about Harry and Dudley semi-bonding post-series for some reason.
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{FIC SEARCH}help me! harry/cedric soulmate [Sunday
April 14th 6:08am]

this is what I remember:

-marriage contract with ginny that harry knows nothing about
-harry and cedric are soulmates
-ginny and cho try to separate them
-remus and sirius are alive(possibly together)
-harry and cedric go back in time to train with the founders and I think merlin
-i think it's harry and cedric's son or grandson who go back and pretend to be
-hermione knows something about the marriage contract
-could swear that hermione and ron were together in start of story but have
other soulmates and that ron's is twilight's edward..

even the author's name would help!

Thanks, Michelle

email is hogwartsgraduate at yahoo dot com

Child Like Harry [Wednesday
February 20th 9:35pm]

I just recently read two fics about harry with brain damage and autism.

Session Transcripts by lastcrazyhorn
What happens when a brain damaged Harry and a transgender Hermione both get sorted into Slytherin? Snape's not sure, but he thinks it's likely to be an interesting term. This story follows various first years through the trials of their first year.

Different, Not Defective by awesomelyglorious
Everyone said Harry was different, but what if the differences were more than just surviving the killing curse? What if Harry had Autism? How would the wizarding world react and adapt to The Boy Who Lived?

I want to know if there are any more fics like these. Both are Snape becomes a mentor fics and that is what I really want but anything with Harry with some kind of mental problem (either because of the killing curse or not) that makes him act childlike would be great.
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Real world [Saturday
February 16th 10:46pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I am looking for stories where someone from our world ends up in the Harry Potter universe. Non Mary Sue would be great, but everything is welcome. I'd love it if the pairing involved one of the Weasleys, Sirius or Snape, but yet again anything is welcome. Thanks for any recs you can offer.


Handicapped Harry Fic [Sunday
January 22nd 10:40pm]

There's this fic I remember reading... I thought it was Harry/Snape but I'm not actually sure. It might be a Snape-as-mentor story. Anyway, Harry is at the Dursleys and Vernon snaps, I think he gave Harry chemical burns or something similar. Harry ends up blind and deaf and is taken to a Muggle facility to heal. Maybe he's mute? Anyway, he learns sign language and uses pins to coordinate his wardrobe. Snape spends the fic searching for him and trying to win back his trust. Toward the end of the story, there's a scene where Harry's in the greenhouses, with his hands buried in the dirt because he's so sensitive to the flows of magic.

Something like that. Does any of that ring a bell? I thought I'd found it on painless_j's recs, but none of them seem familiar. If anyone recognizes it and can give me a link, I'll be forever grateful!

Looking for canon-intensive post-war fic :) [Tuesday
January 17th 10:11pm]


I'm looking for fic that's relatively canon-compliant (not necessarily epilogue-compliant!). Any well-written war or post-war fic that explicitly acknowledges and deals with actual canon events and conflicts. (Such as Draco taunting the trio at the Quidditch World Cup, the Malfoys being punished by the Dark Lord in Deathly Hallows, Hermione and Harry in the tent after Ron leaves). Any pairing, especially Draco/Harry, Ron/Hermione.

Thanks in advance :)
[ 1 ] REC ME.

Teddy Potter... [Monday
January 16th 6:40pm]

I'm looking for any fics that Teddy is treated as one of the family. Say he lives with Harry and Ginny. Brotherly and little sister love.

Or any fics that are Teddy/Victoire

Recme! [Monday
January 16th 9:58am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm looking for stories in which Harry is an author. Pairing and rating don't matter, but no crossovers or AUs please.
Thank you!

[ 2 ] REC ME.

Looking for a Ron fic [Sunday
January 15th 4:35pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

The other day I found a reference to the "Chessmaster" fic (or series) by Sly (or Slye) but there was no link. Does anyone here know this story and have a link? That would be great!

[ 2 ] REC ME.

harry/draco rimming [Thursday
December 15th 9:33pm]

Harry finds himself looking at dracos ass and develops an addiction. He becomes sexual attracted to it and cant seem to stop thinking about it. I avoids peoples gaze and this includes draco because he thinks they might find out. Harry rims draco in the locker room one day after draco said kiss my ass. He them runs away and avoids people some more until draco stops him and admits to having an addiction to harrys lips.

Recs Please! [Sunday
November 6th 12:58am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

This is going to be pretty vague, i'm looking for recs for the following themes. Thanks! Keep em comin!

1) Harry is a girl. Either IS a girl or a girl disguised as a boy for some reason. NO potions or spells turning him into a girl please.Either Snarry, Severitus, mentor/guardian Snape fics please. (please tell me which it is if you can)

2)Nice Malfoys. Harry and Draco best friends or they are his family from birth or adoption. NO Drarry please!

3)Snape raises Harry from a young age.Father son relationship, no chan (chan is nice sometimes but not if you raised em in my opinion)

4) Girl!Harry (same as 1) but with Voldy as the hubby or daddy.

5)Harry joins Voldy. Either LV/HP or because he is voldy's son.

HAPPY ENDINGS ARE A MUST! There can be angst just ended on a happy note please!

Thank you!

X-posted several times!

[ 2 ] REC ME.

looking for evil/dark!Harry or dumbledore/weasley bashing fics [Sunday
October 23rd 1:07am]


I'm looking for evil/dark!Harry fics and dumbledore/weasley bashing stories. I've read many of them so far, but I know I haven't found all of them yet. FF.net can only help me so much. So please help me out.

Pairing: Draco/Harry
Genre: anything
Warnings to Exclude: non-con, threesome or more (though it can be in the story as long as Harry and Draco aren't part of the group), incest, beastialty, chan
Length: prefer long i.e. over 20,000 words but anything is fine
Completed or WIP: Must be completed! However, if the author is reliable in finishing the story, I would like to know about it.
Rating: anything
Misc: MUST have a happy ending!!


New to HP Fanfiction [Friday
October 21st 6:40pm]

I've been reading the books for as long as I can remember and I can practically quote the movies, but I've just recently discovered fanfiction. Considering how massive this fandom is, I have no idea where to start, so I'm looking for some recs. I'm mostly interested just about anything, but here are the guidelines for what I will and won't read: 
  • established canon relationships only. I don't want to read about Harry with someone other than Ginny, but I'll read about characters who didn't have a relationship in canon in a relationship (does that make sense)
  • no crack fic please. 
  • i will read AU, in fact, I like AU
  • no WIP unless they are actually being updated. 
At the moment, I'd really like to read some fics where Sirius is cleared at the end of PoA, where he doesn't die in OoP, where in general where he gets to spend more time with Harry, and Marauder era fics. I just reread PoA, and he's always been one of my favorite characters, so if someone could point me in the direciton of some good fics, I'd be much obliged!

[ 2 ] REC ME.

ghost werewolf vampire [Sunday
October 2nd 1:08pm]

Hi, could anyone please link me to fics where

- Fred Weasley appears as a ghost / imaginary friend / hallucination to George? Can be twincest or not I'll check out either.

- Hogwarts schoolkids see, speak to, and preferably have to fight alongside Lupin in sentient wolf form? Gen, het, slash w/e I'll take what I can get.

- some major character is a vampire. I've tried all the ones I've found and didn't really like any (except Rat's Alley was not bad), but I always hope for something new.


...and actually, I'll make this a free-for-all post: if you've recently found an HP fic that was new to you, read it, loved it, and want to gush about it to someone, I'm interested! I'll try most things.
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Looking for quality slash [Sunday
October 2nd 12:29am]

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can rec me some good long completed slash fics.

what I'm looking for:
1) Any Pairing will do (as long as it's slash)
2) No love triangles or threesomes, foursomes, it goes on.
3) Must be completed.
4) Must have a good word count. 20,000 and up please
5) And nothing too angsty please, and if it is really angsty it has to have a happy ending.

thank you!!!!! 
[ 3 ] REC ME.

Looking for braver Draco fics [Thursday
July 28th 2:30pm]

Hello all,

I just saw DH part 2, and was inspired to look for fic where Draco winds up joining Harry's side for the final battle. Maybe he starts fighting against Deatheaters after being saved from the FiendFyre, or whatever works. I just want some fic where he mans up and doesn't run away. Thanks1 :D
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