crissyline (crissyline) wrote in recmehp,

Looking for quality slash

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can rec me some good long completed slash fics.

what I'm looking for:
1) Any Pairing will do (as long as it's slash)
2) No love triangles or threesomes, foursomes, it goes on.
3) Must be completed.
4) Must have a good word count. 20,000 and up please
5) And nothing too angsty please, and if it is really angsty it has to have a happy ending.

thank you!!!!! 
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Some of my favorite H/D's:

Anna Fugazzi's "Bond":

Resonant's "Transfigurations":

Taratext's "Goodness of Their Hearts":

All are older fics. All are complete. All include explicit sex scenes. All have happy endings.

I'm sure more will come to mind as soon as I've posted this. :)
thank you! those sound awesome. ^_^

*runs away to read*
Let me know if you liked them.