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Recs Please!

This is going to be pretty vague, i'm looking for recs for the following themes. Thanks! Keep em comin!

1) Harry is a girl. Either IS a girl or a girl disguised as a boy for some reason. NO potions or spells turning him into a girl please.Either Snarry, Severitus, mentor/guardian Snape fics please. (please tell me which it is if you can)

2)Nice Malfoys. Harry and Draco best friends or they are his family from birth or adoption. NO Drarry please!

3)Snape raises Harry from a young age.Father son relationship, no chan (chan is nice sometimes but not if you raised em in my opinion)

4) Girl!Harry (same as 1) but with Voldy as the hubby or daddy.

5)Harry joins Voldy. Either LV/HP or because he is voldy's son.

HAPPY ENDINGS ARE A MUST! There can be angst just ended on a happy note please!

Thank you!

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