tuff_ghost (tuff_ghost) wrote in recmehp,

ghost werewolf vampire

Hi, could anyone please link me to fics where

- Fred Weasley appears as a ghost / imaginary friend / hallucination to George? Can be twincest or not I'll check out either.

- Hogwarts schoolkids see, speak to, and preferably have to fight alongside Lupin in sentient wolf form? Gen, het, slash w/e I'll take what I can get.

- some major character is a vampire. I've tried all the ones I've found and didn't really like any (except Rat's Alley was not bad), but I always hope for something new.


...and actually, I'll make this a free-for-all post: if you've recently found an HP fic that was new to you, read it, loved it, and want to gush about it to someone, I'm interested! I'll try most things.
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My favorite vampire!Harry is Mirabella's "Harry Potter and the Inconvenient Condition". It's Harry/Draco and rated R.

Fic that was new to me: I recently came across pir8fancier's "One One's Knees" and absolutely loved it. Harry/Draco as well. I'd rate it NC17. Most of her writing includes explicit material.
Hey thanks, I read On One's Knees a long time ago and vaguely remember liking it. I will check out the other one.
This is totally a shameless plug hahaha. But I was looking for fic on here and saw this and remembered, hey, I wrote these!