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The Harry Potter Rec Request Community
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For the random rec request of those interested in Harry Potter fiction, het, gen and slash.

A Few Rec Request Suggestions

If you're suddenly in the mood for a specific kind of story then post with your request, highlighting in bold the main points of your request, ie. I am looking for Snape/Harry in a standalone where is there is bottom!Harry and crossdressing

Or alternatively set out your request more like this!

Posting Specifications to Include:
Pairing you would like to inclue in the search: (if applicable)
Genre: i.e. angst, romance, drama, gen
Warnings to Include: The warnings you would like included in the search.
Warnings to Exclude: Fics with warnings you would prefer left out of the search i.e. mpreg or chan
Length: i.e. stand alone, novella, novel length.
Completed or WIP: Would you prefer the fic to be finished or a working progress?
Rating: G - NC17

Do whatever works best for you at getting the main points of your request across to the community so you get the most fruitful result possible, these are just suggestions.




There are many wonderful Harry Potter communities out there that will help you with rec requests:
snarryficfind for your harry/snape needs also check out the snapepotter community
hpstoryfinders if you're looking for a specific fic
painless_j if you're looking for masterlists these memories should be your first port of call.

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